The Designer Collection




The Website is currently being updated to include these beautiful new vibrant fabrics.

Until this is complete, please just ring or email to include with your order.

The Designer Collection embraces beautiful fabrics and silky threads with gorgeous leather to create pieces to be enjoyed and treasured.

Designer Fabrics

A selection of fabrics from the world's celebrated designers including those clever clogs from the House of Liberty of London.

Italian Thread

And introducing the beautiful Aurifil threads to my range. Made in Italy from Egyptian cotton, these threads come in a rainbow of colours and are highly revered worldwide by textile artists.

Tradition and Treasure! 

At first glance you will see that my work has still maintained it's classic lines... with perhaps a hint more colour in the stitching. Explore and you will find a treasure hidden inside... beautiful fabrics of gorgeous design and colour. It's a delight for the user revealed only while being used.

As Bookseed moves into its twelfth year, I have taken great delight in enhancing the classic pieces that have been treasured by my customers and allowed my work to grow and continue!  I sincerely hope that you enjoy it too.